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Updated: April 18th 2014

28. Hello again! Welcome Summer. Click here for the blog on updates or click on the Blog Page button. The Updates Section here from now on will only inform about added Study Lectures and Modules for Study.

27.   Hello! We have added more Study Material! Enjoy the audio of the week!

26. PatrickJMT, a highly reputed Math Professor has allowed us to place his Math videos on our website! Click on the left sidebar logo to find his videos on our Lecture page!

25.  We just found a very fun filled site for Math lovers as well as haters! Just click on the image titled "Mathopolis" on the left sidebar.

24. Ms. TWU Physics Lessons have been put as separate AP Physics Lectures on Extra notes Website but we do have them here too. :)                 CEO ReCoES

23. We have made an extra notes website which would very useful as we have got a big teacher teaching there. Visit now and know about the Extra Notes @ ReCoES

22. Welcome, we have added some new videos from TWUPhysics.org and ehow(youtube) that would be useful for Teachers(esp. math teachers) and Students.

       Another notice on TWUPhysics videos- these will have a separate Playlist channel so look    for the Twu Physics Channel on Video lectures page.

Thank you.



*Note: The previous updates have been deleted you will not be able to find them

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:::::Welcome Note:::::::

Welcome. We have introduced our new programs and a new website to help you all through the programs and their details for our new programs visit the following links and enjoy!


Online Library:- www.elibrix.webs.com

Our extra notes website:- www.extranotesedutrix.puzl.com

Our Twin WEBsite: www.recoes.wix.com/recoes

Below written are some of our programs till date with details:-

EduTrix: This program started in July 2011. This program was the root of our organization (ReCoES). This site is the current host of EduTrix. All the online educational faculties come under this.


AnTrix: This program started on January 2012. This program keeps its users updated with updates for Space Shuttle, STS and Satellite launches from ISRO, USSRSO(Disintegrated) and NASA. This site is currently under Hibernation to get revived after being updated with new features.

E-LibRix: This program is itself in its name- Electronic Library! This program came after the Games for all which after five days became GameTrix. E-LibRix has around fifty six books currently ranging from fiction magic to Thriller and Contemporary.

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